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Justine Wahlin

Quietly writing and performing her unique and haunting alt country/folk songs to a growing following over the last 10 years and with her award winning debut album ” A Long Way From Home” released in 2015, Justine has emerged an artist with a great deal to offer among the poets and misfits. Her wonderfully transfixing solo performances are at once heart wrenching and uplifting and certainly not to be missed.

In August 2019 Justine released her second Album “A Pair of Dreamers” through Red Shelf Records. Produced by independent musician and producer Paul Greene, “A Pair of Dreamers” presents 11 well-crafted songs with delicate textures captured beautifully in an effortless and raw simplicity that honours the rich lyrical content. This album showcases the maturing not only of Justine’s song writing but also her rich and unique voice.

“A Lovely Record” William Bowden

Prior to this recent release, In 2017 Justine’s debut Album “A Long Way from Home” took out the Anthony Lycenco Best album award at the 2017 ARMAs (Australian Roots Music Awards) in Nimbin, pipping 4 considerably more established artists in this genre at the post. Justine performed at both Tamworth Country and Nimbin roots Festivals as well touring in her birth country Sweden to promote “A Long Way From Home.” Sydney performances included shows with backing band “MiniRhino,” a musical collaboration with Michael Ward, Dylan Hartas and Glen Schollum that has been described as;

“…A fresh psychedelic folk take on Justine’s haunting songs with high points that took my breath away.” Sean O’Shannesy.

In 2018 Justine released her single, “Bird Song” with a stunning video release produced by Michael carpenter. Celebrating and promoting this release she joined Melbourne roots artist Alison Ferrier on her NSW tour to play shows along the NSW south coast, Sydney, Dangar Island and Maitland to capacity rooms. Justine was also invited to support Frank Sultana.

In addition to her solo work, Justine is also 1/3 of CloudBird: In CloudBird, poetry and folk collide with foot tapping road trip sing-a-longs entwining guitars and vocal harmonies and driving rhythms. A fresh upbeat twist of psychedelic folk, funk and country with a splash of dub. In 2019 CloudBird have commenced recording their first live album also with Red Shelf Records.

When not promoting and performing her own work, Justine runs Red Dog Studio Sessions, a Sydney based underground performance space that offers performance opportunities and provides online content to local and touring independent acts. These performances are all filmed and recorded live and posted to the increasingly subscribed-to Red Dog Studio Sessions You Tube channel. Red Dog Studio Sessions are currently expanding to include new partnerships in like-minded creative spaces.