Red Dog Studio Wrap Up – 2017


How to succinctly wrap up an entire year of wonderful intimate evenings, original music, eclectic and moving performances, belly laughs, new friends and yes, hard work? Perhaps starting at the end…

December 2nd was a drizzly evening for the final Red Dog Session of 2017 but this didn’t seem to be deterring people as we nervously watched the RSVPs creep up a little higher than the intimate Red Dog Studio really had room for. Red Dogger’s new and seasoned, young and old were enthusiastically packing their umbrellas for the Christmas special despite the rain and cozied in close to see our scheduled acts in the unique and intimate environment that is Red Dog Studio. (Red Dogger’s is a term coined by the fabulous Cass Eager at one of the very early sessions – it affectionately refers to people who frequent Red Dog but not only that, people who support the type of guerrilla event Red Dog stands for).

On this day as usual, the core Red Dog crew (Pete Fenwick and Justine Wahlin- CloudBird) had been up since …well, at least mid morning…cooking, cleaning, clearing external hard drives, charging camera batteries, making sure all the little details were ready to go…down to erecting the little Christmas tree on the piano with a good covering of tinsel and baubles. The wet weather marquee was set up outside the studio, homely pots of slow cooked chicken curry and vegetable soups bubbled merrily on the stove, beers were cold and reds were ready to pour as we kicked off with the sound checks at 5pm.

Photo courtesy of Andrijana Miler

We were quite frankly a little nervous among other emotions, as our final session for 2017 was also the first session we were attempting to record drums. While we usually did most of the audio set up and sound checking ourselves we were happy to hand over to Matt Thomson (Red Dog crew member) who was able to finally work out how to get multiple outputs so we could record to multi-tracks…this might sound obvious but you have to remember that we have come from iphones taped to support beams and one room mic, (we are musicians not an audio engineers)…that said, the learning curve has been steep and the shopping list of necessary equipment even steeper. As we’ve progressed the visual and audio set ups have become more sophisticated and more hands have come on board to help.

It truly has been a case of, it takes a community to raise an underground music venue. In the end I think we pulled it off and in doing so set an even higher standard for ourselves in 2018. At this point I’d like to name and thank profusely the extended Red Dog Crew for donating their time and skills pretty much free of charge; Matt Thomson (sound), Natasha David (2nd camera) , John Cheshire (sound) , Andrijana Miler (Camera operator), Ming Yu Ha (Camera operator), Michael Patterson (set up) and Sharon Lees (set up). All these wonderful people have at some point come to the rescue in support of Red Dog and its mission to create a valuable listening space that supports musicians and lovers of music alike.

The line up from our final session included; Up and coming youngster Spencer (above) , Dr Taos and Sam Newton.

It’s just not possible to post all the videos of the amazing performances from the sessions this year but a few highlights are below;

For all the sessions check out Red Dog Studio Sessions and please subscribe 🙂

We’d like to thank each and every act who performed on our little stage in 2017;

FEB 4th Session VIII
Jasmine Beth, Gavin Waring (Lost in the Woods, Rahtze), Zane Thompson

MARCH 4th Session IX
Loretta Durso, Lyn Taylor, Chris Carrapetta

MAY 6 Session X
Cody Dillon, Balaclava Weather, Jason Kearney, Kay Camero

June 3rd Session XI
Brendan Nawrocki, Krish Neto, Mark Lucas

Sept 2nd XII
Madame Wu, Born In October,Tom Hespe, James & Naomi

Paul Greene,  Nik Cassey & Friends, Dream Good

DEC 2nd  XIV
Sam Newton, Spencer( Sophie Lewis), Dr Taos

Lastly a huge thanks to those who have been the most dedicated Red Dogger’s in 2017;

Andrijana Miler
Ivana Zara Dostojevski
Michael Patterson
Lindi McMullin
Anthony Wilson
Lisa and Frazer Irving


In 2017 we also discovered the beginnings of a guerrilla army putting on intimate gigs just like Red Dog Studio Sessions up and down the East Cost including the fabulous Efforts of Simon Pope “Live From the Shack” in MacKay QLD. Simon excitedly contacted us to let us know that he’s pretty much doing the same thing as us, and what a fabulous output, Red Dog Definitely has a few things to learn from Live at the Shack.

Simon has also started a new page where all these independent events can be listed. “The intention is for this “to be a one stop shop to find original music”. “The benefits of this are we all pool our contacts and followers this in turn creates more exposure for the artists”. We couldn’t agree more. As musicians and supports of independent artists we think this is marvellous! If you’re planning an east coast tour we recommend checking it out.

Orginal Music

Live From the Shack

“As we will eventually be all over Australia it also has the potential to create a new touring circuit”

This friends, is how you start a movement and we’re delighted to be “In”, so please check in regularly with these other sites to see what’s happening.

The first Red Dog Studio Session in 2018 is February 3rd when we’ll be featuring Thompson Springs, Steph Miller, Chasing the Dreams as well as your very own CloudBird to kick off the Open Sessions (read; a free for all after 11pm)