A Pair of Dreamers

A Pair of Dreamers

“I had a strong vision for this album. I wanted it to be somewhere between the extremely lowfi live sound of my first (very naïve) EP and the full studio production of my last full length record. I wanted to strip it back and let the songs breath a bit and at the same time ensure they were fully supported with a clean sonic production and, where it served the song, minimal backing vocals and instrumentation. Working closely with producer and independent musician Paul Greene on this record I think we succeeded, but hopefully you’ll get a chance to judge for yourself.”

A Pair of Dreamers

A Pair of Dreamers

Unlike Justine’s last album which was completed in a about a month, this record as been a year in the making, representing the best of 2 years writing. On the long drives back and forth from recording sessions on the south coast there was plenty of time for reflection. Pauses between listening ensured that She and Paul came back again and again to the original brief, to keep it real.
In “A Pair of Dreamers” the songs have been captured beautifully by Paul in a raw simplicity that honours the lyrical content through a mixture of live takes and more layered studio work. The final mastering was done by William Bowden who really brought out the texture with his finishing touches.

In parts of the album spontaneous soundscapes have worked their way through in a most delightful way, crows can be heard calling from outside the Callalla Bay Hall at poignant moments, cicadas starting up like a caucus of miniature jet planes, sticks and branches falling onto the roof tiles, these all add an incredible sense of space to the live tracks that you just could plan.

Some of the songs originally recorded live, were re-recorded so a fuller band sound could be achieved. Lady Jean, Leaving Day and This Race were all re-recorded in this way so the full potential of these tracks to really kick up the pace and create richer layering could be explored. The result gives the album a great dynamic, bringing the listener through a landscape of really languorous simplicity to a raucous hoedown.

“I like to think this album showcases the maturing not only of my song writing but also that I feel more comfortable in my own voice”

“A Lovely Record” William Bowden

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