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A Pair of Dreamers


A Pair of Dreamers

A Pair of Dreamers “I had a strong vision for this album. I wanted it to be somewhere between the extremely lowfi live sound of my first (very naïve) EP and the full studio production of my last full length ... »

May 06, 2019


Troubadour Sessions

From a house in the heart of Randwick, surrounded by musical instruments and empty bottles from last night party, there’s a story worth telling. Meet Justine Wahlin. She is a songwriter from Sydney, Australia. With a unique voice and well-tailored ... »

March 08, 2018

Bird Song


Bird Song

Bird Song Bird Song (Single) by Justine WahlinWhile deciding how to record and release my next studio album “A Pair of Dreamers” I decided that Bird Song should stand alone. Bird Song is inspired by the death of a friend and ... »

November 28, 2017

ARMA Awards


Anthony Lycenco Best Album Award

The Australian Roots Music Awards are pleased to announce their WINNERS for 2017! Two local musicians have been recognised at the Australian Roots Music Awards held at the Nimbin Roots Festival 2017. The late Anthony Lycenko, a renowned record ... »

September 18, 2017


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    • Last night the Poetica tribute to Leonard Cohen was amazing
    • 4kgs of onions  no problemo
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